About Us

DT Caporossi and RJ Murdoch
Caporossi and Associates started in 1978, with Dale T. Caporossi as senior partner.  Having come from a background of hard work, discipline and self-reliance, Mr. Caporossi had an understanding of the demands of the many local business owners to have competent financial guidance and corporate law, utilizing the Uniform Commercial Code.

Since then, his clients grew to depend on his reliable service and dependability, which ultimately became synonymous with Caporossi and Associates.  With this reputation, the firm was able to grow to serve not only the communities of Sharon, Sharpsville, Hermitage, among others in the Shenango Valley, but serving his clients across the country now for over 40 years.

So whether you need help starting your own corporation or a non-profit; or you need help managing your estate, trusts or financial reports; or perhaps you need help with an IRS examination or bankruptcy.  Do not waste another moment, call us today and let us take care of your books, while you take care of business.

Caporossi and Associates
(724) 346-1111
140 West Shenango Street, Sharpsville, PA 16150
 Serving the good people in Sharon, PA, Sharpsville, PA, Hermitage, PA,
the Shenango Valley and across the country.